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You are not your mind, you are the observer of it.

Updated: Jul 6, 2022

Many of us walk around like we are heads in a jar rather than embodied human beings who have a mind. While our mind is a powerful force, it is not the sum of who we are. Through the practice of breath, we can pause and become observers and witnesses of our minds rather than living as if the thoughts produced by our mind are reality.

Take a moment to pause. Inhale deep into your belly and then exhale completely. Take a moment to observe your mind. Are you able to witness the thoughts that are running in this moment? Are you really present in this moment feeling your feet on the ground, feeling your breath rise and fall or are you thinking about all the shit you need to get done today?

When we are able to observe our mind, we are able to create a felt experience of the truth that we are the boss of our minds - we do not have to listen to everything it complains about, comments or judges. We can simply observe it and then decide how we want to engage the moment before us.

My life shifted radically when I began creating space for stillness - to be still and know myself and observe my mind. I learned it was not very kind or calm or peaceful in there. The more I get quiet, breathe and observe, the less I engage the mind and simply allow it to be part of me, not the boss of me.

Take an extra few minutes today to get still and just breathe and see what your mind is creating. Is it thinking for your highest and greatest good and the highest and greatest good of the collective?

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