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If you can breathe, you can choose

I was listening to a fascinating podcast this weekend with John Wineland about polarity and he talks about the power of grounding practices to not only create embodiment, but also to create a divine pause, resulting in the stillness that creates a moment of choice otherwise unavailable.

One of the reasons I have become so passionate about breath work is because it is a tool that is ALWAYS available. It is universal, it costs nothing to consume and you can access incredible shifts in your state of consciousness in any moment by utilizing it. The breath is an incredibly sacred and powerful tool.

Wineland suggests a simple practice of taking 3 minutes to sit outside where you can receive from the ever-giving energy of creation and place your hand on your belly, consciously taking deep breaths into your belly. Most of us breathe into our chest, never fully accessing deep diaphragmatic breath. Try this practice for 3 minutes and feel yourself become more fully present, more fully embodied and less stressed.

Even without a conscious practice, each of us has the ability to take a deep breath in any given moment. Breathing with intention creates more space for there to be real choice rather than the default mode network of your mind running the show. Experiment with the power of your breath in creating more choice in your life as you become more grounded, present and embodied.

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