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Where Attention Goes, Energy Flows

Updated: Jul 6, 2022

Each of us has the unique and sacred power of directing our time, energy and attention to whatever we choose. We have the power to direct our individual life force towards a definitive soul purpose or we have the power to allow our attention to be directed very purposefully by external influences. Our daily lives are bombarded more than ever with external sources competing for our attention. If we do not bring conscious awareness to where we are directing our attention in each moment, it is likely we are being swept away by the waves of media that are created to sustain our attention.

Your attention is a precious commodity. You have full agency over what you give it to. Are the things that you are giving your attention to good, true and beautiful? Are they serving your greatest and highest good and the greatest and highest good of the collective? What would it look like for you to carve out time for you to give your attention to one new practice that would serve you or serve others?

Do you have a clear purpose or soul contract? What are you - uniquely you - here to do? I believe strongly that each of us is created with a beautiful tapestry of gifts, talents and passions to uniquely serve the world. The world needs your unique expression.

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